Command   Description  Usage
 !help  Help commands  
 !lock  Locks the channel so that no one can join it  
 !unlock  Unlocks the channel  
 !name  Change channels name  !name <NEW CHANNEL NAME>
 !limit  Limit how many users can join your channel  !limit <2-99>
 !allow  Permit certain user to join your channel  !allow <@user>
 !deny  Reject a certain user from joining your channel  !deny <@user>
 !claim  Claim a channel once the owner has left it  
 !transfer  Transfer ownership of the temporary voice channel  !transfer <@user>
 !info  Get information about a channel you are in  
 !invite  Send an invite link to a user when you've hidden your channel  !invite <@user>

 Commands  Description  Usage
 !setup  Setup join to create channel (Only the inviter)  
 !settings  Change few settings for your server  
 !resetserver  Reset the server settings  
 !admin add  Add admin to bot  !admin add <@user>
 !admin remove  Remove admin from bot  !admin remove <@user>
 !admininfo  See info about the server